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Description of Organization

CONECT is a non-partisan, multi-faith organization of 25 diverse congregations in Fairfield and New Haven Counties CT, that come together as one community, to effect change in the areas of social and economic justice and policies for the common good. We train leaders in the art of public life to give power to our voices and create strong congregations and community partnerships.

CONECT is a diverse organization of many faiths, neighborhoods, ethnicities and viewpoints, across Fairfield and New Haven Counties, united to give voice and strength as we:

    1. Develop congregational vitality, leadership and civic engagement
    2. Form alliances, initiate solutions, and work to change public policies to advance social justice and the public good, and
    3. Foster transparency and accountability in business and political life resulting in more equitable and stable communities

CONECT has no specific partisan, religious, or ideological agenda. We listen to our congregants to express the needs of our communities – urban and suburban, multi-ethnic and multi-issue, without special interests. We train leaders in the art of public life to give power to our voices and create community partnerships.

Issues CONECT addresses are those that impact people of all faiths; those that create burdens on families or cause inequities. CONECT’s first three initiatives, ongoing, are: access to affordable health care, equity in education financing and predatory lending practices as they relate to consumer debt.

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