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FAQ: What Makes CONECT different than other organizations? Why Join?

CONECT is unique in representing all sectors of society, economic strata, faith denominations, and peoples, non-partisan, and without agenda, dogma or ideology, simply with compassion and commitment to social and economic justice, and the positive desire to work with leaders on new solutions. CONECT does not endorse candidates; it is not an anti-, protest style organization.  It takes actions as needed, based on the actual, documented, repeated stories and needs of the community, not by imposing top down on the community. Its accomplishments come from building relationships for collaborative solutions. CONECT is about common concerns by consensus, not about imposing any one view vs. another view.

The benefits that religious institutions and its member volunteers get from participation in CONECT are, to name just a few:  (1) Gaining a process for transforming and energizing our government and corporate institutions (2) Building new alliances and relationships that are diverse, meaningful, personally rewarding, and can mobilize change, (3)  Participating in one of the only ways to get neglected issues and unheard common needs to have a powerful voice in public debate, in an effort free of self and special interests and influences, that reflects the needs of individual members but also the needs of the community as whole.

We have already seen the success of CONECT’s influence in a relatively short time  – not as a special interest of me alone, but as the power of us together. We have seen things that we never thought possible. As a voice for the unheard, where no population is marginalized, we need each other as valued partners and in the combined power we can create for good. Whether a member volunteer is involved in the short term or long term, there will be a myriad of personal and other satisfactions to enjoy and to reinforce hope for positive change in the future.

CONECT is a non-profit 501-C3 organization. All membership dues and contributions are tax deductible.

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