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Why the Decision by Clergy and Lay Leaders to Act Now?

Clergy leaders realized that all their congregations’ hard work, over many years, delivering charitable programs in the community, were not having an impact beyond a band aid effect. It was time to move from charity to social justice to change the status quo.

The expansion of economic and social suffering for more and more CT residents of all backgrounds and socio-economic levels, urged CONECT founders to organize together for power to achieve higher level and broader change. The time was now to participate directly in policies to correct and prevent unnecessary burdens on individuals, families and working people.

In fact, all of society already pays for the impact of inequity and unjust conditions, with far more costly effects. According to CONECT Executive Committee and Founding Member, Elizabeth Keenan, “We’ve seen decades of social services costing our state and our nation, rather than addressing collectively the issues of housing, lending, the 50 million health-uninsured, education, and employment training and opportunities, which would support stability and growth. The goal through CONECT is to give voice to the voiceless, and to prevent the more costly results of failed policies borne by all residents. There are many ways to do this through private, civic, and government partnerships.”