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Founding Member David Carter, Church of the Redeemer, UCC, New Haven, discusses upcoming legistation with members of CONECT

The issues that CONECT engages in at any given time emerge from the stories we hear in small group meetings in and among our congregations: stories of experiences of hardship and frustration, struggle, and yearning for a better life for family and community.

From these individual stories CONECT looks for patterns or themes, and involves members in research, to identify where a voice for these yearnings might leverage change for the common good. In this research process, our members become educated in the details of how public policy impacts their everyday lives.  Their understanding empowers members to engage in negotiation with public, corporate, and institutional leaders about  the changes needed to make our society more responsive and accountable.
Currently, the issue areas we are engaged with include:
    • Safer Driving
    • Healthcare
    • Gun Violence
    • Job training
    • Equity in public education, K-12 and post-secondary
    • Elimination of predatory lending practices

As we learn where are the leverage points on these topics, we develop a specific plan of action to get our stories told and our voices heard so that public policy serves the common good.